Quickly Connect to New Markets

Modification Sellers
STC owners, suppliers and modification developers now have a new marketing and sales channel for the fixed wing or rotor wing aircraft modifications, bringing potential buyers right at their doorstep. Numerous companies have entered into agreement as a result of it.

Stand out from the crowd!
To make your modifications stand out from the +30,000 modifications, ModStore offers you as our Seller Member the possibility to promote your solutions with detailed information and pictures. In addition your company logo will be placed on the website for everyone to see. Not only will this give you more exposure as a company, the logo will also give direct access to the modifications you offer.

For a fixed fee of US $ 2,995.00 per year, you can:

  • Upload an unlimited amount of modifications
  • Upgrade modifications with detailed information, pictures & YouTube video’s
  • Place your company logo on the ModStore website 
  • Direct link to the modification overview in ModStore
  • Establish new direct contacts with interested operators / industry parties
  • 24/7 access
  • Show the ModStore overview on the your company website

We offer a 25% introductory discount to new members!
Join us now and pay a fixed fee of US $ 2,245.00 for the first year!

Join the ModStore Network!
By connecting professionals working in Engineering, Design or Certification of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft modifications, we have created a new network. A platform where members can share their thoughts on new developments in aviation, discuss mutual experiences and most importantly find new partners to team up with.

Join the Modifications Trading Place

  • Boeing 737 LED Lighting Modification

  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on the iPad

  • New ACRO Seats offering significant cost savings

The Benefits
For ModStore Sellers
  • Marketing Exposure
  • Generate New Leads
  • Increase Sales
For ModStore Buyers
  • News Updates
  • Participation
  • Posting Requests